Can’t get out? Let’s escape online!

Play It Out is now offering Livestream Puzzle Games!

What is a Livestream Puzzle Game?

In our online game, you and your escape group will come together in a live-hosted Zoom session with one of our Game Masters. The game is a series of puzzles set to a central theme. The format will look similar to a trivia game, but every puzzle can be solved without outside knowledge. Work as a group, individually, or in teams to solve each puzzle. Your Game Master is always available if you need hints! 

What do we need to play?

Each player will need a device to join the Zoom session and a device to answer questions. Players in the same location can share the session screen, but should have separate answer devices unless they are playing as a team. You’ll also need pencil, paper, and maybe a calculator (the only math is very simple addition). The most important thing you need is a desire to have fun with friends, family, or colleagues. The whole mission of Play It Out is to offer a fun and creative way to socialize. We encourage banter, laughter, and a little trash talk!

When are bookings available?

Check out the booking page for the game you want to play to see what times are available. If you would like to schedule during a time you don’t see listed, please contact us to schedule another time. We are flexible and would love to accommodate your group at another time. Please keep in mind that short notice games are not always possible. Working from home and managing mini-escape artists requires a little planning. Please give us some time to return emails and calls.

How long is the game?

The Zoom session will take approximately 1 hour, but could go a little over. Please join the Zoom session up to 5 minutes before your booking time so that the Game Master can get all the players into the room at the start of the booking. We will send a Zoom invitation to the email address used to book the game. Please share that with all the players in your group.

Cross-Country Adventure

Allie is taking her best friend, Hannah, on an exciting but mysterious All-American vacation. Follow their journey and help Hannah solve puzzles every step of the way!

  • 4-10 Players
  • Minimum Age 13 – paying adults must remain in the game with any minors
  • Cost: $40 base price up to 4 players + $10 per additional player
  • Questions? Call us at 267-203-8929 and leave a message!

The Magician’s Apprentice (on hold for now)

What you thought would be your first day as Mandrake The Magician’s newest apprentice turns out to be a final audition! Can you recover all the pieces of your costume before showtime?

  • 4-6 Players
  • Family game designed for 2 adults and up to 4 kids playing in teams
  • Cost: $45 + $5 per additional player (more than 2 adults or more than 4 kids)
  • Adults must remain with kids at all times
  • Questions? Call us at 267-203-8929 and leave a message!

Tanya said...

First time at an escape room…had a great time!!
Good place to start.
Can’t wait to go again.

Tom said...

An excellent room with great puzzles and a friendly staff. Very well done!

Judi said...

The rooms are well-done, creative and challenging. We had a fun evening. A Great group event! I will go again!

Tina said...

Been there twice! The staff is super nice and awesome and the rooms were a lot of fun! Challenging but fun!! Can’t wait for new rooms!

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