Corporate Team Building at Play It Out Escape Room

Escape Rooms are a highly entertaining corporate team building exercise. A corporate escape room booking at Play It Out can be a casual break from the office meant to entertain and refresh your team with a fun experience, or it can be part of a team building program, where behaviors exhibited in the game are observed and discussed for their application in the workplace.

If the office is celebrating a special occasion, or hosting travelling colleagues, try our Mini Escape Mixer! Your group will spend a few hours networking and socializing while teams compete for the best time in our 15 minute game.

Can’t get together in person? Come together online with our Livestream Puzzle Games! Work as teams or individuals to solve puzzles while having fun. Online team building is a great way to strengthen connections and communication. We can also create a customized game for your company!

  • We offer corporate bookings during the week.
  • We recommend that the day of your visit would be a casual dress day. Flat shoes and clothing that allows players to bend and reach are ideal.
  • Prices start at $290 for up to 8 players on-site

Call or Email for Availability and Detailed Pricing!