Corporate Team Building

Escape Rooms are a highly entertaining corporate team building exercise. The pressure to locate clues and beat the clock places the players under a mild amount of stress. Players must then communicate and work together to solve the clues throughout the game. Teams celebrate together when they open a lock, and they must be assertive with each other when clues need to be examined a different way.

A corporate booking at Play It Out, LLC can be a casual escape from the office meant to entertain and refresh your team with a fun experience, or it can be part of a team building program, where behaviors exhibited in the game are observed and discussed for their application in the workplace.

In a team building experience, management is invited into our control room to watch the players from our monitors. Post-game, players will sit down with management to discuss how the team worked together, and to identify strengths and room for improvement. This program could result in a second game, to be played at a later date, to see if the team applies the communication improvements identified in the first outing.

  • We offer corporate bookings during daytime weekday hours.
  • If your group is large enough to span multiple time slots, players may only need to be present for their own game time, or about 90 minutes.
  • We recommend that the day of your visit would be a casual dress day. Flat shoes and clothing that allows players to bend and reach are ideal.
  • Prices start at $290 for up to 8 players

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