Souderton Escape Room Makes the Grade

If you have already escaped at Play It Out, it should come as no surprise that your own Souderton Escape Room pleased our tough industry critics. Rachel from EscapinGuru visited us in March to play both The Loft and Pawnshop. We are proud to share that Rachel had great things to say about our games. This is high praise from someone who travels extensively to play Escape Rooms.

According to their website, “EscapinGuru is a community based approach to making the Escape Room Industry accessible to more players.” The network houses a searchable directory for Escape Room companies, and they offer a comprehensive discount card program. The community posts reviews of the games their members play to help you decide where you want to go for your next game. If you are planning a marathon escape weekend, visit their website to help you determine the best locations, games, and discounts to maximize your experience.

Even though we at Play It Out are confident in our ability to provide a fun game with top notch customer service, we couldn’t help but be a little bit nervous to welcome our first pro reviewer! Rachel and her team were a delight to host, and we had as much fun watching them play as they had escaping. Rachel’s standout comment about Play It Out is that our space is bright, inviting, and accessible. Since this is the environment we strive to provide our guests, we couldn’t be happier that it made her review highlights. We believe that Escape Rooms can be fun for just about everyone, so we take great care in providing an atmosphere and games that appeal to all kinds of players.

We appreciate Rachel’s fair and honest review, and we can’t wait to host her when we launch new games. If you have started playing Escape Rooms, and you think you’ve found your new favorite hobby, definitely check out EscapinGuru to sign up for their discount card and check out reviews before you visit a new room. If you haven’t started your Escape Room addiction yet, book your escape at Play It Out for this weekend!