Escape the Office

Did you know that Play It Out offers business hours appointments for corporate team building? Our games are a great escape from the office, or an opportunity to build teamwork and communication skills. Email us or give us a call to schedule your corporate event today! If you can’t come to us, don’t forget that we can bring our portable game to your corporate campus. Escape without ever leaving the property!

Corporate bookings at Play It Out can take on many forms. If you have a small office of less than 20 people, everyone can come at the same time. We’ll split you into two teams, and you’ll each play one of our games. We encourage friendly competition, and we’ll limit or track our hints to keep it challenging. In the games, players should collaborate outside the normal office hierarchy structure. Our escape rooms have elements that draw from a variety of skills, so everyone should be assertive with what he or she finds. If you have recently done personality assessments, such as Kolbe, Myers-Briggs, or DiSC profiles, use that information to create your teams. You’ll rely on each other’s strengths to progress through the game.

picture of Team written on chalkboard

If you have a bigger office, we can host you over a few hours. Players can come at their assigned time, or you can organize a meeting or social outing around your experience. Our downstairs neighbor, The Broad Street Grind, has an excellent meeting space, complete with presentation equipment and top notch catering. When not playing our game, participants can mingle or take part in meeting sessions. We also offer our lobby space for basic accommodations.

The expert game masters at Play It Out have developed a keen eye for how players contribute in our rooms. We know who is coming out of their shell to show leadership. We can also see who is making the connections, but needs the confidence to announce those discoveries. We can tell who needs to improve listening skills, and we always peg the office comedian in the first 5 minutes. After the game, we will answer any questions players have about the room. Sometimes players miss how something was solved during the game, but they don’t want to burn the clock by asking about it. The post game debrief is the time to go over these moments and get some closure. We will also assess the players by pointing out how well they worked as a team, doing our best to compliment each player.

teamwork photo

There are 2 very important rules about corporate outings at Play It Out in Souderton. First, come to have fun! This is an escape from the office for a little while, and we want you to really enjoy each other’s company. The second, and most important, is don’t share your game details with the teams who played the other game! If you have a great time at Play It Out, we want you to come back with your friends or family and introduce them to our experience.

If you are a manager looking for something different to boost morale and reward hard work, consider a corporate booking at Play It Out. If you are an employee trying to convince your boss to bring the team in for an escape, contact us for more information and make an informed pitch. If you are the event planner and need to wow the team for the annual meeting, we can provide the wow factor. We look forward to your escape from the office!