Who Plays Escape Rooms?

If you’re just finding out about escape rooms, the whole concept might be kind of confusing. What is it, exactly? I’m so glad you asked! Escape rooms are live action games where players search for clues, solve puzzles and riddles, and work together to achieve a goal before time runs out. Now that the industry has gained popularity in the United States, you’ll find that often the objective isn’t even an escape, but rather some mission to accomplish.

So who are our customers? It turns out that we here at Play It Out cast a pretty wide net to attract players. Escape rooms are fun for a variety of ages and group dynamics. On a typical Saturday, we’ll host a girl scout troop, followed by a book club, followed by a group of high school friends, followed by a three generation family, and we’ll top the night off with double dates. The best thing about escape rooms is that everyone can participate and have fun! You don’t have to be book smart, or street smart, or tech smart. You just have to be willing to exercise your brain a little and talk to your fellow players. Escape rooms have brought back social time, and everyone is getting on board.

When you start your game, you’ll find out a little back story about your room and why you’re there. In this intro, you’ll find out what your goal is. Do you have to recover an ancient artifact, concoct an antidote to stop a contagion, escape a prison, or cast a spell? Theme possibilities are endless. This is a good thing, because once you’ve played a few rooms, you’ll be itching to play as many as you can. Most companies try to avoid using the same theme as their neighbors so that players can play games all over their geographic region. Here in the Philadelphia area, you’ll find games all over the city and throughout the five county region. Play It Out is Souderton’s first escape room, and we’d love to be your first game or your 100th!

100 rooms? Do people really do that? Yes, they certainly do. It’s easy to fall in love with escape games. Once you’ve established your goal in the game, you’ll start discovering clues all over the room. With your first opened lock or box, you’ll feel a rush of adrenaline that keeps pumping through the game. You and your team get excited with each success, and the AHA! moment of cracking a code is priceless. As the clock winds down, the energy winds up, and everyone kicks into high gear to beat the room. Even if you don’t quite make it out, your buzz will keep you going into the next part of your outing. But the sweet taste of victory when you win a room, especially just in the nick of time… it can’t be beat.

At Play It Out, customer service is our hallmark. Our game masters are experts at making sure you are moving in the right direction, and they are always watching in case you need help. After your game, we’ll debrief you and answer any questions you may have had about your game. Then we’ll take your picture with our fun signs, and you and your group have something to laugh about into the rest of your day. After such a fun experience, it will be easy to see why people get hooked.

So who is in your escape group? Will you bring friends, family, coworkers, your sports team, or your small group? If you are a parent or grandparent, this is a great way to get some family time that everyone enjoys. If you are a manager looking for a way to energize your staff, look no further. Want to do some team building? Escape rooms require cooperation and communication. Are you looking to celebrate someone’s birthday, and they don’t need a thing? Give them an escape, and we’ll even hide a birthday surprise in the room. If it’s your turn to plan ladies night, come and do something new and different.

Check out ourĀ Rooms page to visit us in Souderton for your escape.